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Being a proud owner of a Sanlorenzo implies much more than having the yacht. It is about this indescriptible experience of tailoring it as you wish. Expressing your personality, telling your own story.
Sanlorenzo Yachts
By selecting the materials through a spectacular 5-step customisation process, not only for the cladding and covering, but extending to options such as the marble or the types of wood, you’ll be guided by Sanlorenzo’s Interior Design Department through the entire life cycle of the yacht. From the initial stages to the final touches, it provides invaluable support at all times, assisting with furnishing details and supplies.
Sanlorenzo Yacht Interior

Discover The Ranges

SL Yacht range

The SL fleet by Sanlorenzo embodies a perfect blend of streamlined design, elegance and balance. The range has six distinct models—SL78, SL86, SL90A, SL96A, SL106A, and SL120A—and the lengths go from 24 to 38 meters. Each yacht, regardless of its size, boosts plenty of interior layout options, showcasing its capacity to truly honour the vision of its owner.

SD Yacht range

The semi-displacement models of Sanlorenzo, SD feet, reminds us of the Trans-Atlantic liners of the 1930s. The series—SD90, SD96, SD118 and SD126—offers yachts that vary from 28 to 38 meters in length with the strongest composite materials, all of them ready to conquer the seas, even the farthest reaches of the globe.

SX Yacht range

The revolutionary design of the SX line was born to change the way you connect with the sea, with its superstructure extending gracefully forward, and a spacious beach area to feel truly at home. This visionary project combines functions and spaces to perfection, birthing a truly innovative “crossover” yacht. Discover the four models of the series: SX76, SX88, SX100 and SX112.

SP Yacht range

Sanlorenzo’s new SP line honours its core values, seamlessly converging sustainability, comfort, and exclusivity. Representing a paradigm shift in design, this line births a new generation of yachts that redefine usability and embodies Sanlorenzo’s philosophy to a new level. Discover the SP92 and SP110.