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A shipyard like no other: Sanlorenzo Yacht

Built to exceed the tests of time—and the SEA—, Sanlorenzo carefully crafts a limited number of yachts per year, each uniquely designed and tailored to the owner’s needs and desires.

With a legacy spanning over half a century, the shipyard has produced about 1000 units, mastering its expertise in the customization of each individual project. Being an indisputable pioneer in sustainability and technological advancements to reduce the impact on the ecosystem, Sanlorenzo Yacht is equally committed to it as it is to the community. Nowadays, it ranks at the first positions among the top 20 builders of yachts over 24m in the prestigious Global Order Book ranking listed by Boat International. And we couldn’t be more proud of it.

It's How They Do It.

By forging strategic partnerships with universities, foundations, research centres and systems suppliers, Sanlorenzo plays a pivotal role in steering the course of research and responsible development. Many solutions created by its engineers have been patented. And some made history, like the “Zero emission” system, among many more. The shipyard adhered to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, committing to the achievement of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative GRI Standards. Always thinking ahead, Sanlorenzo Arts, Sanlorenzo Academy and Sanlorenzo Foundazione are projects shaped by their philosophy to actively contribute to a better world.

A Timeless Spirit.

A crucial element in minimizing the environmental impact lies in the life cycle of the yachts, a duration that spans at least 30 years. Sanlorenzo has consistently championed the concept of “timeless boats,” encouraging owners to refit and give life back to their yachts, by restyling and incorporating cutting-edge technical upgrades. About the production process, Sanlorenzo is shaped and refined through an exceptional wealth of skills and know-how. From the meticulous shaping of specific woods to the precision of stitching on structured fabrics, the impressive finishing is the result of Sanlorenzo’s highly qualified skills education provided by Sanlorenzo to form professionals such as cabinet makers, carpenters, upholsterers, fitters, and many other specialized roles within the industry.
Sanlorenzo superyacht

Actively Responsible.

Sanlorenzo has partnered with foundations and associations dedicated to the conservation and protection of the marine ecosystem, such as the Water Revolution Foundation, the Blue Marine Foundation, the Promostudi La Spezia, the Distretto Ligure Tecnologie Marine, and the ITS Foundation. Since 2018, they are members of SYBAss—the international association of major superyacht manufacturers—providing Sanlorenzo with substantial influence in environmental decision-making processes. Finally, Sanlorenzo established the Fondazione Sanlorenzo in 2021, which focuses on supporting Italy’s minor islands and their resident communities by funding projects that contribute to their development.

Thinking Beyond The Box.

Constantly looking for new and creative solutions, Sanlorenzo Arts emerges as a dynamic and interactive platform dedicated to projects focusing on urgent issues of today’s world. It is impulsed and nurtured by the greatest artists, designers, and thinkers of our era. Casa Sanlorenzo gathers international experts in the fields of art and philanthropy, committed to promoting art and culture. In the last edition of Art Basel 2023, Fondazione Sanlorenzo revealed its Venice headquarters.

The Journey Starts Here.

Choosing Sanlorenzo means that it’s not about acquiring a yacht only, but embarking on an extraordinary creation process. The shipyard’s massive headquarters are located on the banks of the river Magra, inside the Montemarcello-Magra natural reserve, in Ameglia, within the province of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy. A second division is strategically positioned in the Tuscan sea, in the historic motor yacht manufacturing hub of Viareggio, Italy. And a third division is based in Massa. A visit to the shipyard is a life experience itself, and we’d love to share it with you.

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